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Dentonfest II – A Celebration of Tequila and the Couple Who Paved the Way

Every tequila aficionado has their own story about how they came to be fans of this long-misunderstood spirit. Regardless of what that story is, the vast majority of today’s tequila drinkers have two people to thank for the large selection … Continue reading

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Tequila Tapatio To Make US Debut in Early 2012

This past weekend I was lucky enough to confirm that Tequila Tapatio will be hitting store shelves here in the US as early as January of 2012. It has been rumored that this iconic Camarena brand has been looking for … Continue reading

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Dinner with Carlos Camarena

Traveling for business is more often than not an unglamorous chore – fighting airport crowds, dealing with lost luggage and being away from family. That said, every now and then a business trip will coincide with an event in the … Continue reading

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