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The Return of Fina Estampa

It was almost 1 year ago that I posted a note about Fina Estampa and the “close-out” sale my local superstore was having at the time. There was even a sign posted saying that Fina Estampa was no longer in … Continue reading

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Tequila Don Pilar – A Modern Artisanal Classic

One of the beautiful things about social media is the direct access that everyday people now have to brands large and small. That works both ways, of course, as brands have the ability to communicate directly with potential consumers at … Continue reading

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Treasure or Trash – Was That Tequila Worth Buying?

On a recent business trip, as with most all trips I take now-a-days, I ran a search of local liquor stores to find a couple that might be close to where I would be. The plan is always the same … Continue reading

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