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Pretty simple – If I post a story on a tequila and it has my opinion about how it tastes, that story should show up here.

Tequila Don Pilar – A Modern Artisanal Classic

One of the beautiful things about social media is the direct access that everyday people now have to brands large and small. That works both ways, of course, as brands have the ability to communicate directly with potential consumers at … Continue reading

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Dulce Vida’s Healthy Roots

Tequila brands can originate from the most interesting places and many of these brand’s owners will tell you that they never imagined themselves as tequila producers and yet, here they are. One of these brands is Dulce Vida. Started in … Continue reading

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From Tour Bus to Toro de Lidia

It’s no secret that alcohol and musicians have had a lasting, if not stormy, relationship throughout the years. So it should be no surprise to see some famous musicians as owners, investors and spokesman of different spirits companies. Just in … Continue reading

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Republic Tequila – More Than Just A Fancy Bottle

Walk down the tequila aisle of your favorite big-name liquor store and you’ll likely notice the wide variety of bottle shapes, designs and gimmicks that companies use to catch your eye – I’m guessing that by now, pretty much everyone … Continue reading

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El Viejo Luis – The Biggest Tequila Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

NOTE-Sept 24, 2013: The DEA announced today that the El Viejo Luis brand was designated as one of six companies to be tied to Mexican drug cartels. The designation effectively shuts the business down in the US. Read the full … Continue reading

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Inocenté Lives Up to It’s Name

One of the benefits of doing this blog and actively using the new tools of social media is that once in a while I’m able to get my hands on a tequila that’s not yet available in my state. This was … Continue reading

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Weekend Highlight – Good Friends and a Casa Noble “Medallion” Repo

Like most everyone, my weekends are filled with some combination of work, rest and entertainment. The highlight of this past weekend was definitely not the small pipe replacement job that turned into a full sprinkler system project. Funny how my … Continue reading

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