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Decisions, Decisions

Four years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to represent T1 Tequila Uno (and two years later Tears of Llorona). A chance to hang out with German Gonzalez, try my hand at sales, and see first-hand the “other” side of the industry. My decision to accept was a relatively easy one to make Continue reading

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Dentonfest II – A Celebration of Tequila and the Couple Who Paved the Way

Every tequila aficionado has their own story about how they came to be fans of this long-misunderstood spirit. Regardless of what that story is, the vast majority of today’s tequila drinkers have two people to thank for the large selection … Continue reading

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Is It Here Yet? 2013 & Tequila’s Anticipated Down Cycle

Now that 2014 is officially here, it has been a full year since I embarked on tracking the official tequila brand list published by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) – the agency that oversees tequila. If you read my … Continue reading

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A Year of Change: Tracking the (Potential) Tequila Fallout

It’s been documented and talked about in the tequila circles for close to two years now. This is the year that many of the upstart tequilas that have jumped on the tequila bandwagon are supposed to start disappearing (Here’s a … Continue reading

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What’s Your Definition of a “Great” Tequila Bar?

While thinking about how I wanted to write-up my recent trip to Chicago and close out my series of pieces detailing my tequila-filled September, I realized that there really wasn’t much I could pass along about that trip. In reality, … Continue reading

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The Spirits of Mexico Festival – A Pilgrimage Worth the Wait

Crotalo Tequila’s line-up, including the Best of Show Extra Añejo This past September, as they have done for the last eight years, tequila lovers congregated in San Diego’s historic Old Town Park to talk, taste and see how this year’s … Continue reading

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Tequila Tapatio To Make US Debut in Early 2012

This past weekend I was lucky enough to confirm that Tequila Tapatio will be hitting store shelves here in the US as early as January of 2012. It has been rumored that this iconic Camarena brand has been looking for … Continue reading

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