The Return of Fina Estampa

It was almost 1 year ago that I posted a note about Fina Estampa and the “close-out” sale my local superstore was having at the time. There was even a sign posted saying that Fina Estampa was no longer in production and that no more would ever be delivered. This was also the story making its way though the tequila forums, to many an enthusiast’s chagrin. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw a stack of bottles on the shelf of that same superstore a couple weeks back. I quickly bought a bottle of each expression thinking that someone, somewhere, had found a “missing” pallet at the distribution warehouse. Upon further inspection, it appears that there is a new import company now handling Fina Estampa for the Texas market. I made a call to the new import company, listed as Dorian, LLC out of Houston, and they confirmed that they were indeed the new importer of the brand and that it was indeed still being produced. An email to the address listed on the Fina Estampa website was returned with the same news. The bottles have new backside labels listing the new importer, in some cases placed over the old labels. (Note – I attempted to contact the former importers via email but as yet have had no response) The date codes on some of the blanco and reposado bottles that I looked at had lot number codes that read 2005 (Reposado) and 2006 (blanco) – great to see that some of the tasty “old stock” is still out there. The bottle of añejo, on the other hand, is in a newly designed black box and the bottling code reads March of 2011 which suggests it was produced nearly 2 years ago and just recently bottled. On a return trip to the store, some blanco bottles had been added to the shelf that also have this new 2011 bottling code, further confirmation that they are still in operation and actually distilling new product. For those that are wondering whether the new stuff is as good as the old, these will be the tell-tale bottles. I plan to pick one up and see for myself soon!

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6 Responses to The Return of Fina Estampa

  1. Anonymous says:

    very interesting because my cousin makes y
    this tequila and as far as I know it has always been in production. Then again I get it from him.

    • tequilabob23 says:

      That would not surprise me. It could be that the more accurate statement is that Fina simply did not have a US importer for a period of time. Whatever the case, I’m glad that I can still get it fairly easily here! Here’s to your cousin for making some stellar tequila! Salúd!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where can it be purchased in Arizona?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Discovered Fina Estampa (green box) from Spec’s in 2009 & fell in love. Recent purchase in 2013 did not taste the same. Very disappointed. Lost its oaky smooth taste. Thank you for your info above. It explains the change in quality of the tequilla.

    • tequilabob23 says:

      Sorry to hear that the second bottle was not as good. I’m assuming the new purchase was in a goldish colored box? If you still have the bottle, look through the back to see the production date printed on the inside-back of the front label. My guess is that it says May 2005. I have yet to see a bottle of recent production reposado on the shelves (and I still try to pick up these old bottles whenever I can). If it is a 2005 bottle, chances are good that it was from the same batch as the bottle you had in 2009 and for whatever reason, does not taste the same (evaporation, bad cork, etc). At it’s price-point, it might be worth trying another bottle – the worst it will be is a bottle to make margaritas or palomas with. 🙂

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