Weekend Highlight – Good Friends and a Casa Noble “Medallion” Repo

Like most everyone, my weekends are filled with some combination of work, rest and entertainment. The highlight of this past weekend was definitely not the small pipe replacement job that turned into a full sprinkler system project. Funny how my wife saw that coming long before I even pulled out the wrenches. No, the highlight was a Saturday evening with our neighbors sitting on their patio eating tapas and tasting tequilas. I brought 6 different bottles to taste, none of which they had ever tried. Among these were 3 blancos (Siete Leguas, 1921 and Fina Estampa), 2 Reposados (Antiguo and Casa Noble “Medallion”) and a Fina Estampa Añejo.

Working our way through the lineup was interesting, as the different characteristics of each became more pronounced when compared to the next, or previous, glass. Then we got to the Casa Noble. This is a “treasure” bottle that I found in San Jose, CA on a recent business trip. A beautiful square blue ceramic bottle with a stamped metal seal – or “medallion” – of an agave right there on the front, making it easily recognizable on a liquor store shelf. The trick is to find one. I had been wanting to open and taste it since the moment I bought it, but I also wanted to wait until I could share it with good friends as I’d heard nothing but good things about it. I resisted the urge to dive right in and I’m glad I did. I cracked the seal and pulled the stopper and instantly a wave of chocolate aromas hit me. Pouring the glasses around the table brought the same reaction from others, along with a look of surprise. A tequila that smelled like chocolate? That simple reaction around the table is why I held off on opening it. Being able to share a “discovery” like that can turn a good night into a memorable one. Tasting it simply confirmed the smell. Smooth on the front with a definite fudge-meets-agave flavor with some orange in there as well. The best way I can describe the taste it is to compare it to a tootsie-roll filled with a traditionally tasting resposado and a dash of Contreau. Simply put, it was amazing and the hands-down favorite of this makeshift tequila “flight”. Now that the seal has been broken on the bottle, I’m curious to see how the flavors change, if at all. Were the first pours simply a concentration of the flavors? I’ll be pouring from this bottle again very soon to see.

As is usually the case, the end of the evening came too fast. I left satisfied in knowing that I was able to share some unique and special tequilas with good friends and was again reminded that the only thing better than finding an amazing tequila is sharing it with good friends. ¡Salúd!

All tequilas mentioned in this post were purchased.

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8 Responses to Weekend Highlight – Good Friends and a Casa Noble “Medallion” Repo

  1. Kristina W says:

    It was a good time and even I enjoyed that particular tequila. Nice Post!

  2. Katie says:

    This reminds me of my friend Tequila Bob. He loves to share a new bottle of Tequila with friends and also enjoys sharing the ones he has already open in his collection. There is usually a little education during the tasting because we all want to enjoy his knowledge of Tequilas as well as taste the wonderful flavors he shares with us. Tequila Bob is simply one of the best.

  3. Lisa Marks says:

    Yum…sounds like I should try this one…where in SJ did you find it?

  4. Alex says:

    Great story, I love casa noble reposado.

  5. Dave Y says:

    Nice to know you finally got to taste the CNR Medallion…. one heck of a great reposado! Cheers amigo…


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