Fina Estampa & A Little Luck

Every once in a while we all get lucky and stumble onto something unexpected.  Sometimes it’s in the least likely of spots, such as finding a 1921 leatherstrap bottle on a convenience store shelf.  Other times, it’s simply being at the right spot at the right time.  The latter applied to me last weekend.  I decided to pay a visit to my local Specs beverage superstore since Republic Tequila had their newest Brand Ambassador on-site pouring their plata for all to taste.  After introductions, small talk and a taste of tequila, I noticed the display next to the tasting station. “Fina Estampa – This is the LAST SHIPMENT EVER”.  Could it be?  There in front of me, cases of Blanco and Añejo stacked on the floor.  I must admit, I had never tasted this brand before, but based on reviews and the recommendations of people I trust, I knew I had possibly stumbled onto something I shouldn’t just walk away from.  That’s because Fina Estampa is a brand that has stopped production and closed its doors, so to stumble upon this six-foot wall of agave goodness was potentially a dream-come-true. The only question was whether it was as good as I’d heard. So with a bottle of blanco in hand, I went home, opened and tasted.  Can I just say – WOW! The taste definitely lives up to the hype!

Drinking out of a champagne-styled glass (Riedel’s “official” tequila stemware – and yes, it really can make a difference – but that’s for another post) the blanco’s color has a slight tint to it – definitely not as crystal-clear as most silvers on today’s shelves.  It took a moment once it was in my mouth and then exploded with sweet agave flavor.  A wonderful and lingering aftertaste and tingle – not burn – on the palate. No throat burn or “fire-in-the-hole” for me with this blanco.  Taking a larger sip and letting it coat your mouth really brings this blanco to life. I’ve been drinking from this bottle for a week now and it has been consistently great.  Personally, I’d keep it away from the mixes – why alter the great flavors?  Pour it neat and savor every drop.  I was so impressed with this tequila that I’ve been back to Spec’s and bought a few additional bottles as this may be my one and only opportunity to do so ever again. Among those was an añejo bottle that I will save for a special occasion. All-in-all, another perfect example of an incredible tequila at a great price.  If you’re lucky enough to find a bottle, I’d encourage you to buy it and try it!  I did and I couldn’t be happier. Just always remember, the best tequilas are the ones you like to drink.  Salud!

Tequila reviewed in this post was purchased.

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