The Adventure Begins

Let me begin the first post of my blog by stating up-front what I am not. This would likely generate a lot of red pencil commentary if it were being prepared for a teacher or editor, but in this case, I think it helps set the stage for the posts that will follow. I am NOT a tequila expert or connoisseur by any definition or stretch of the imagination.  My palate is not refined enough to distinguish that hint of pear that emerges after three layers of other equally hidden flavors, nor is my memory expansive enough to roll off the NOM of most any tequila brand without having to look it up online.  Although I have had my share of agave nectar, I’ve never touched or tasted fresh “cooked” agave, but realistically, how many of us “casual” drinkers have? I don’t obsess over hints of this or traces of that. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to be able to do that, but as I said, my palate is not that refined (could it be all that JD I drank in my youth?).  I am, simply, someone that has come to enjoy a great glass of tequila – just a regular guy that likes to drink what tastes good to me.  We all have different palates and as the saying goes, “you can’t argue taste”.

My goal with this site is to search out, find and taste tequilas, old and new, and report on my experiences.  And along the way, introduce you to some tequilas you may not have seen or heard of before and hopefully educate myself in the process.  You probably won’t read much about the flavor nuances – although I will certainly include those if I can – but more basic stuff, like the sweetness, the amount of oak and the “burn” factor.  True tequila aficionados will likely cringe at my descriptions.  My goal is not to be their equal – I never will be.  My goal is simply to expose the average person doing shots of Patrón to tequilas that don’t have the slick marketing, that cost less, and that are generally far more interesting to drink.  Breaking away from that brand’s hold has opened up an amazing array of tequilas and I want to share that here.

Now, please don’t take my comment about Patrón as a cheap shot, as I will always have a soft-spot for this tequila.  Like many of us, one too many attempts to drink Cuervo Gold made tequila public enemy numero uno in my party book.  After 12 years of staying away from it, a friend showed up with a bottle of Patrón Silver, circa 1999.  One sip is all it took to open a door that had been shut, locked and dead-bolted! Patrón quickly became my gateway tequila, making it possible to even consider trying others and I now consider it the “white-zinfandel” of tequilas for that reason.  Patrón’s story has been well chronicled over the years and it’s no longer a tequila I buy, but for that re-introduction to this spirit, I owe them (and Siete Leguas) a debt of gratitude.

So that brings us to today, where I sit now, ready to continue my adventure and share my experiences with you, ideally learning some things along the way both through your comments and my own journey.  Whether we agree or disagree about what tastes good and what doesn’t, in the end, it’s ultimately about the tequila, and in that I think we all can raise a glass. ¡Salúd!

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3 Responses to The Adventure Begins

  1. jared says:

    Hey Tequila Bob,

    Just spent about 30 min looking at your site and reading all the posts,,,right on man I love it! A Tequila Blog by and for the ‘rest of us’ who know we love Tequila 7 all things Agave but far from an Aficionado! 🙂

    We met throught he Tequila world (thanks To Riazul and Social Media) and I must say it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you, your a true gentleman & a great guy who obviously has a passion for the Juice, so cool to see you tracking your Experiences and Journey here!

    Congrats on the Launch of Tequila Tracker Amigo, I’ll be following your Journey & look forward to sipping together soon my friend!



  2. jay silverman says:

    Bob I would like to chat with you about your excellent website. keep up the great work

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL! I have tasted agava necter “raw” during a visti to Cancun, i kept my face netural while having another in the group try it. this was over 20 years ago. she’s still kicking me for it, but at least she’s also talking to me, a little. but what are good friends for? Seriously, thanks for takeing time to write down your thoughts. i’ll try comparing your thoughts to mine and seeing what we agree on, trying new options and the joy of looking for someing i wouldn’t have thought to try otherwise.
    many thanks.

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